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Design (UX / UI / IXD)

We design for the Watch to the TV and everything in between.


Having worked with mobile and desktop applications for a number of years we understand the inherent challenges when designing apps for multiple screen sizes and we go the extra mile to make sure all our designs are flexible and adaptable when it comes to technical implementation.


Nothing motivates us more than working on a new ideas, building workflows, wireframes, the UI (screens, icons, logos, interactions) and finally turning that idea into a reality.


We equally love the challenge of working on existing products, reviewing and finding the bottlenecks in the existing workflows, improving the overall User Experience of the app and finding those small tweaks that will take user engagement to the next level.

Build & Deploy

Put simply, we write code to translate your ideas and designs into apps (Development), build APIs that push data in & out of the servers and finally give you tools to make sense of all that data.


We currently develop apps for devices that can run either Android or iOS / watchOS / tvOS / MacOS or the Windows platform or on Hybrid frameworks like UI5 and OpenUI5. We have worked with Enterprises and understand enough to build apps that seamlessly integrate into their processes and frameworks.


APIs & SERVERS power almost all the data in the world and yet they are invisible to the end user. They can also be extremely complex to design and scale. Our engineering team with more than a decades experience can be the perfect fit for your next BIG IDEA.

Quality Assurance

Most companies make the mistake of assuming developers can test the products they developed. Nothing can be farther from the truth.


We realised this very early and made a lot of investment in building our QA team to make sure we understand and test the product from a users' view and not from a developers point of view.


Our QA team has been instrumental in identifying show stoppers that could potentially affect product launches and at the same time identifying small fixes that went a long way in improving the overall quality of the app.

Branding and Marketing

So, you have built a product and have a dedicated user base but are still unsure how to scale or market your product?


You want to make use of the Social Media to power viral growth? You want to analyse where most of your users are coming from and have plans to address their specific needs?


Don't worry, our team will make sure you can do all that and more in way thats engaging and interesting for your audience.