5 verifiable reasons to choose us.

1. Detailed Execution Plan

Our execution plan is one of the major reasons for our success. It consists of in depth product analysis and a phased delivery plan.


As a part of product analysis, we analyse similar products in the market, research the right technology to develop the product, help the client in scoping the product and chalking out a viable product release strategy.


Delivery plan consists of sprints and milestones and clearly defines key dates.


2. Two Months Free Support

We believe the most critical phase of any product is just after launch.


To make sure the launch experience is great for our clients as well as their users we offer 2 months free support, post launch. You know just in case something goes wrong. No wonder, all our clients love this.


3. Speed with Clarity

We follow agile development methodologies and when combined with our expertise, we can quickly iterate from an Idea to a prototype in 4 weeks.

4. End to End Solutions under one roof.

We know the importance and convenience of having different services under one roof. Not to mention the number of hours saved by avoiding coordination between different teams.


So, we have carefully invested a lot of time in building awesome teams and making sure we can service all your needs in a one place.


We currently offer the following services DESIGN > DEVELOPMENT > QA > MARKETING.


5. A Decade+ Experience


Initially a web development company, we wrote our first web app in 2005. We embraced mobile development as early as 2009 and released our first apps for iPhone in 2009 and Android in 2010.